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This is where true self-pampering magic and alchemy is born and forged or rather pressed. If you can dream up a shade, tone or pigment shifting story, Pariah House Cosmetics can pan it. I now own several customs by them that range from capturing the alluring blue flash of a moonstone to the delicate golden glow of a rising autumn moon and those are only the beginning as I plan to add to my eye makeup library with yet another palette by next spring. The process is simple, stress-free and above all fun! Honestly eye make-up shouldn't be this fun to play with or create. The owner loves a challenge and is a delight to work with as she provides stellar customer service and end presentation. This is one venture I can't recommend enough. Custom Eye Shadows


I have a pretty big collection of singles and this shadow is one of my favorites. The forumla is silky smooth not chunky or flaky. The shifts in it are beautiful. I highly recommend grabbing this you wont be sorry and what a beautiful story behind it. Auroras Wings


Out of my entire eye shadow library from Pariah, THIS is the shade that changed everything for me and has started a whole new chapter in my mindset and wardrobe. In the pan, Something Wicked is an eternal black (laced with hints of green) and a blood-fire waiting to be unveiled on the lid. Practically any single pigment you choose to pair Something Wicked with it curiously pulls your desired look together and adds a sharp bite to everything. It's a completely transformative experience that is honestly impossible to completely explain, needless to say, worth every penny! Something Wicked


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