About our Founder



  Who am I? I am a former occupational therapist assistant, vocalist, with a degree in theatre. What does that have to do with make up not a lot, but thats the That's the nutshell, Now let's crack it.

   I grew up with struggling with confidence and self esteem. It hindered me throughout my life, through highschool, college and despite being told I was talented,  auditions were a night mare because of my own insecurities and anxiety. I was teased and sometimes bullied for no other reason than as my teachers liked to put it I  "Danced to a different drum beat". It greatly greatly hindered my ability to form a true identity and I struggled with friendships. I only had a small circle of friends and I still struggle with it to this day.

     Fast forward to 2020. The Pandemic hit, I could no longer work in my field but wanted a way to make ends meet to support my family as well as fulfill creative passions I had itching to get out.

I naturally gravitated to cosmetics. A deep rooted love of cosmetics and all the things they can stand for; The empowering nature of cosmetics, the versatility, confidence they can bring for everyone; that resonated Deep with me.

     I started out buying and selling other brands cosmetics and skincare in beauty groups but it was so unfullfilling,  and I really wanted to find another way. I was inspired by all the startup indie brands that were starting to pop up on the market and quietly wondered if I could do what they did. I had so many ideas, and wanted to fill a gap in the market.

    I casually started tinkering, and when I pressed my first eyeshadow something changed in me. ( I'm not oblivious to how hokey this sounds). I couldn't sleep that night. My mind was racing with ideas!

  My first eyeshadows admittedly weren't very good. AT ALL. I still keep them as a reminder of how far Ive come. But I wasn't ready to give up. I caught the bug! I researched formulas and wasted a lot of money on ingredients. I started to test and sell casually to friends but I wanted to go further! I took some of my savings paid for a logo, bought a domain, and built a website. The name came naturally as I have felt like a Pariah Most of my life.  Pariah House Cosmetics was born!

  My first palette (The hydra palette) was a private labeled palette  with my design to help fund raise for supplies and really Jumpstart my business.

Now other than that palette all my products are handmade, and vegan and cruelty free. I strive to provide quality attainable products for everyone. It took a while for me to stumble on a formula I was proud of and Some of my customers have been on this journey with me and have seen me grow!

 Now I'm proud of my journey, proud of what we stand for, and finally feel like we are on the road to creating something special!

Thanks for taking an interest in me and my brand!