Forbidden Forest Collection

Introducing Pariah House Art Palettes!  Each palette is an original work of art painted with the colors in the palette!!! Each palette will be numbered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist/owner of Pariah House Cosmetics.  Only a few of these will be made because of how painstaking they are. These pieces actual pieces of art! Because they are hand made each one will be slightly different 

Details of the palette:

  • Magnetic palette with removable shades
  • 4 high end multichrome/effect pigments I'm 26mm pans
  • Certificate  of authenticity
  • Origional work of art on cover

Print Version 

These print versions will contain all the same beautiful shades as the art palettes but with a printed cover of the origional work of art shown in the picture. These are not limited edition and will be sold as long as there is demand.


  • Forbidden Forest:  an intense metallic multichrome with green to blue shift
  • Thestral: an intense dark metallic multichrome with purple to blue shift!
  • UNICORN BLOOD: an intense glittery  multichrome l with an array of magical shifts hard to identify and as mysterious as the unicorn itself
  • Firenze: a metallic brown shifter with suttle pink shift

All our products are made to order and turn around time depends on demand. Please be patient so we can assure you the finest quality,  especially  with our art palettes <3