The Clean Your Cauldron: Potions of the Pariah Palette

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Dont be late for class....

Take a seat, open your palettes for an immersive 9 pan potions experience. 9 magical shades each with their own story meant to maximize the confident pariah in all of us. 

The shades er... potions:

  • Diligere sui - pink potion that once imbibed allows the drinker the power to see oneself at their fullest potential.  Known to have permanent effects when combined with self reflection and meditation
  • Sun catcher potion - a light orange potion with a striking orange shift; a potion that  helps the imbiber absorb the powers of the sun allowing for many uses based on intention. Cannot be used by dark wizards and will burn the imbiber instantly if it senses ill intent; increases insight, empathy and understanding of the most difficult of scenarios, it has mysterious healing properties for unidentified ailments, even fertility
  • Invisio potion- yellow potion with pink shift; does not actually render the imbiber invisible rather just unnoticeable to passerby’s. The concoction is extremely volatile however and is to be used with extreme caution as it can last for days or even on rare occasion years.
  • Uncertain luck - a light green pearlescent potion which causes the imbiber to be given varying degrees of luck good or bad; wildly difficult  to brew; true efficacy unknown  intention.
  • Mir de suie- light blue potion with an alarming gold shift the imbiber takes unto itself all the things that can make it stronger but blocks all negative  and dangerous energy. This potions lasting effects may very based on tje experience of the user, so make sure to carry am extra supply where long periods of use are required.
  • Second site- a light purple potion with a pink shift; allows the imbiber to temporarily access the third eye and foresee formidable threats, and or opportunity. Used often for assessing new acquaintances, potential lovers and business opportunities. Does not work for dark wizards; any attempts to misuse would render the imbiber with permanent varying damage based on personal intent. Must be used with extreme caution.
  • Tears de avenir- an ocean blue with a surprising pink shift. Causes the imbiber to shed all the tears containing their worst memories and emotions allowing them to start fresh without baggage. Warning: once started cannot be stopped. Tears last as long as they need to complete  transformation. Results are permanent.
  • Soul stabilizer- a highly pigmented bluish purple potion that gives the imbiber the power to keep their soul grounded when under any kind of attack. Is more powerful when used in conjunction  with any of the potions listed above.
  • Weaver Potion- a solid pigmented grungy forest green potion, rooted in the earth, that gives the imbiber full control to create and weave their own destiny by being true to themselves while simultaneously living in harmony with others. Potion is wildly difficult to brew, and when brewed incorrectly could have disastrous results. When brewed correctly is even stronger when used in conjunction with potions listed above. Longevity has never been officially tested

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